Blended Teaching and Learning Through the Pandemic

The ‘Year Group Bubble’

In line with the latest guidelines, bubbles will now become year groups. That means we will operate all activities within year groups, including the handling of resources, with no cross over with other year groups. For example, year groups will stay together at playtimes and there will be no whole school assemblies.

We will also use this structure to manage our wrap around care (breakfast and after school) with children remaining in their year groups.


Half of the school (1 class from each year group) will begin at each start time, as we are accommodating year group bubbles. Therefore, if a child who starts at 9.00am has a sibling who starts until 8.45am, they can also start at 8.45am being absorbed by the fellow class.

For example, a child in year 6 (start time 9.00am) with a sibling in year 4 (start time 8:45am), may be dropped off at 8.45am and absorbed by the other year 6 (at 8.45am). They will return to their fellow class at 9.00am, when the rest of the cohort come into school.

If you are a family with siblings, you must use the earliest possible point of arrival for your children. We have mapped out the siblings and know who to expect for each group. You will also be able to collect them at the earlier time.

Our internal timetabling will mean children will not miss out.

Accessing Education Parent Guidelines

We are asking that parents continue to adhere to our Accessing Education Guidelines. This includes parents not entering the school playground, not congregating outside the school gates and instead, leaving the area promptly.

Assessing Education Principles for Parents and Carers

  1. Do not bring or send your child to school if they have coronavirus symptoms, and access a test as soon as possible.
  2. Should the school contact you raising concerns for your child’s health, specifically related to coronavirus symptoms, make arrangements for the immediate collection of your child, who will remain isolated until you arrive.
  3. Promote the regular cleaning of hands more often than usual – with running water and soap and dry them thoroughly or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered, at home.
  4. Promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
  5. Promote the avoidance of touching your mouth, nose and eyes.
  6. If your child ‘Goes home alone’ actively promote that they do so with no loitering or waiting for their friends. Particularly if they are not in the same ‘Bubble’ group.
  7. Leave the area (school gates) as soon as you have dropped your children off at school.
  8. Do not attempt to access the school grounds without prior invitation from school staff.  Instead, access the school by calling or emailing the administrative team.
  9. Drop your child to school and collect them on time.

Bubbles in isolation

If your child’s year group is required to isolate, parents/carers will receive a letter from the school outlining the following:

  • the duration of the time they are required to be off school
  • the date children can return to school
  • who in the household is required to isolate
  • Public Health England advice on how to isolate safely

From home children will access 5 hours of virtual education, using Google Classroom.

11:00amBreak / Snack
11:15amComprehension Activity
11:45amQuiet Reading
12:15pmTopic / Foundation Lesson 1
2:15pmTopic / Foundation Lesson 1
3:00pmEnd of Day Storytime

Additional Support & Advice

Guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic 

PHE Staying at Home Guidance

Further information